The Art of Tea Brewing

Tradition tea brewing focuses on the meticulous and skilled preparation of tea, emphasizing precise techniques, timing, and temperature control to bring out the optimal flavors and aromas of the tea leaves.

step 1

Boiling the water

Different type of water plays a crucial role in the brewing of tea. Using pure water from the water store or the bottle water is the best.

step 2

Get your favorite tea loose

To enjoy the original flavor of the tea we recommend:

Oolong Tea : Tea and water 1g:30g

Oriental Tea and Black Tea : Tea and water 1g:25g

step 3

Water temperature

JinYu oolong teas are typically brewed with boiling water.

Oriental Tea and Black Tea Wahter temp Start between 85°C-90°C

step 4


Oolong: 1st round 50s, add 10 secs to each round after the 1st round.

Oriental and Black Tea: 1st round 20s, 2ed round 30s, 3rd round 30s. after third around add 5sec to each round after.